Our pristine Shirt Service in Brighton & Hove allows you to dress with confidence and look your best for all occasions.

We know the high standards that are required when it comes to crease free shirts.

We pride ourselves on delivering a perfectly clean and crease-free finish, so whether you’re heading into a meeting, out for an evening meal or even a black-tie ball, you can rest assured that you’ll always look the part.

We offer a shirt laundry and ironing service helping you look smart for all occasions, both professional and personal. We collect and deliver shirts around Brighton & Hove for free.

It is a common misconception that shirts must be dry cleaned in order to look their best – our expert wash and press shirt service will deliver crisp, smart and clean shirts every time without any dry cleaning involved.

Shirt Ironing Service

We offer a shirt ironing service in Brighton & Hove for people who don’t mind washing their own shirts at home, but need a local ironing service to take the load off. Our shirt ironing service has become very popular with local professionals in Brighton & Hove and we offer free collection & delivery for ironing services above £25.

Shirt Service Special Offer

We know that our shirt service customers get through a lot of shirts, so we have made pricing easier with a special offer.

10 x Shirts (iron only) – £19.00

5 x Shirts (wash and iron) – £14.50

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