What do I do if I have allergies or need to use specific detergents?

We often have customers with allergies or specific washing detergents they would prefer us to use.  We try to accommodate any special requirements for eg. non bio detergents for sensitive skin or baby clothes.

How do I know if I am allergic to washing powder or detergent?

Allergies to washing powder or detergent can manifest themselves in different ways.  Most commonly, you may experience red, itchy rashes on your skin which is a condition called contact dermatitis.

Anyone can be allergic to washing powders, although it is more likely to occur in people with a history of eczema or skin allergies.  You may not even notice the reaction after the first wash with a new detergent, as it may occur after a build-up within the fabrics of a new detergent, or after prolonged contact with the skin.

Sometimes people notice reactions to washing detergents when they switch to a new washing machine that is more eco-friendly.  Some newer machines use less water and may actually need less detergent than is normally recommended.  Prolonged build-up of washing detergent can stay between the fibres of the fabric and eventually irritate the skin.

What is bio and non-bio washing powder?

Biological washing powder contains enzymes which are very effective at cleaning away dirt and grime.  Non-bio washing powder do not contain these enzymes and will clean clothes using more gentle ingredients.

Does bio washing powder cause skin irritations?                   

Due to the enzymes in bio washing powder, some people find that their skin is more easily irritated and may wish to try swapping to a non-bio detergent.  Baby powder tends to be non-bio for this reason – to protect delicate skin.

Interestingly, in many countries non-bio washing powder isn’t actually available.  Non-bio is a favourite in the UK but in most countries, you can only buy non-bio powder in the form of baby washing powder, enzyme-free or for sensitive skin.

What can I do if I am allergic to washing detergent?

Allergies to washing powders and detergent are surprisingly common, and luckily it isn’t really a problem these days.  There are plenty of detergents on the market which are kinder to the skin, such as non-bio washing powder or powders designed for babies sensitive skin.  There are also alternative options such as soap nuts, eco eggs and homemade baking soda detergent recipes.

If you think you have an allergy or sensitivity to any detergents, please let us know prior to your wash with us and we will always accommodate.

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