Do I need to sort my clothes before you pick them up?

Yes! We need to know if you require separation of certain dark, light or delicate garments. You can separate your load yourself or ask us to do it for you.
Otherwise we will assume you are happy to have your load washed without separation.

Why separate your laundry?

This is a good question…why do you need to separate your laundry anyway?  Well there are a few reasons but it all boils down to the longevity of your clothes.

Should I separate different colours in my laundry?

The most obvious type of separation is light, medium and dark colours.  Some clothes will have ink which may bleed a little in the first few washes.  For example, you might have a new pair of denim jeans and you don’t want the indigo dye in the denim to run into any lighter items of clothing.  We would recommend washing any new jeans or new darks on a few washes just with darks (or even on their own) just to let some of the initial ink run out.

Should I separate different materials and fabrics in the wash?

Although not quite as crucial as separating colours, some people like to separate different material items to protect more delicate fabrics.  Rough, heavy fabrics can rub against more delicate fabrics on a wash cycle and wear down the synthetics faster, so separating them will help the fabric last longer.

Why do people separate white clothes?

It is a good idea to separate white clothes from the rest of your washing to avoid any colour bleeding.  Even without any colour bleeding, keeping your whites separate is the best way to retain the brightness and vibrancy of the white fabric.

If you aren’t sure if you need to separate your laundry before we collect it, give us a call and ask – we are happy to help.


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